Hey girl! I'm a certified life coach specializing in manifestation and taming your mind. I work with women who are sick and tired of the same routine and allowing their mind to take control of them. Let's reclaim your power today and create a life you love! Can't wait to work with you.

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Emma Wood


"I came to Breanne in a very stuck place. I was stuck in my negative thought patterns and it was affecting my business, relationship, and my mood. Everyday was the same pattern and I was ready to manifest better. I am now making more income, I am much happier, and my relationship could not be better! She was able to show me that you can spiritual but still be a fun, boss woman. Breanne was so down to earth during all of our calls and I didn't feel judged at all. She taught me I was in control of my thoughts and in the first few weeks I had manifested more money than in a short period of time than I ever have. I truly feel that I have manifested a whole new life and she supported me the whole way!"

Ashley Thompson

I was referred to Breanne through a friend. I had horrible relationships, low confidence, anxiety, and a very stuck mindset. She worked with me through all these blocks and made me feel very safe throughout it all.I know now I am the creator of my own reality and have put my full trust in the universe. Thanks to Breanne I can now breathe, I have let go of control and everything is actually functioning easier! Defiantly would recommend this program for anyone struggling."

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